by Christopher Mudiappahpillai

Yes! Yes!! Yes!!!!!! GOTCHA!!! April Fools

Again…According to my trusted sources…it seems like I caused some major commotion concerning the pregnancy joke. Especially one dear sister!!! Poor thing…Can’t believe she called my sis in law to find out if she was pregnant 🙂 …I gotcha good…

A mad shout out to all the people who e-mailed, messaged me and phoned me, wanting to find out more…

Just three words – Man I’m GOOD!!!

Well all jokes put aside…this is the origin of April Fool’s Day

Until 1564, it was a tradition to begin the New Year with a weeklong celebration, ending with a big party. But the calendar was different then; the new year began on March 25 – which meant the annual party was held on April 1. In 1564, a new calendar was instituted, making January 1 the New Year. People who forgot and still showed up to celebrate on April 1 were called “April Fools”.

See you in 2 weeks..