by Christopher Mudiappahpillai

Fuse Magazine has a good review of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Sign-up is required, but well worth it – it’s a great site. Much thanks to AC for the heads up.

Read their interview with Frank Peretti too. If I had a list of favourite authors, he’d definitely be near the top. Here’s an interesting quote from the interview:

“Storytelling and art are part of the human experience. To be deprived of those, is to be deprived of a part of your humanity. Stories and art are how we express ourselves. They are extensions of our souls. There’s no culture on the face of the earth that doesn’t have its own stories and art. It’s how every culture passes along its ideals.”

I most certainly agree. Can’t help but wonder what Tozer would say to that though.


Shrek 2 is receiving some very good reviews.

And here’s a favourite song of mine that I was reminded of a couple of weekends ago:

Lovely Lord

Words & Music by Bob Hartman

from the album, Petra Praise 2

You are filled with compassion and mercy and grace

With Your banner of love over me

I am longing to see You one day face to face

And to be with You endlessly

Lord, how lovely You are to me

Lovely Lord

You are all to me

Lovely Lord

Full of purity

Worthy of honor and majesty

Lord, how lovely You are to me

You are bright as the sunrise and fairest of all

Unto You all the glory will be

You are God of creation and Lord of my life

I will worship You faithfully

Lord, how lovely You are to me

Goodnight all. Sweetest dreams.