by Christopher Mudiappahpillai

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The link’s been fixed now. Sorry if you got all excited and clicked and… yeah. Okay, so I would have gotten excited. Maybe you didn’t.

This album’s nice, very quiet and intimate.

These Photographs
Joshua Radin
From the album We Were Here

You’re Sylvia Plath
As you drip from the bath
I hand you a robe
And so it goes
The moment’d pass

You’re Simone de Beauvoir
As you get out the car
The way you read me
No one can see me
It’s who you are

And these photographs keep me alive

Babe, here’s your song
Babe, it took too long
To find in your eyes
My best surprise

You’re Nina Simone
When you talk on the phone
You sing to me
And I’m truly
No longer alone

You’re Mary Cassatt
When people tell you you’re not
You’re like a child
All the while
I need you a lot

And these photographs keep me alive

And I wanna know what you know
And I wanna go where you go
These things remind me of
These things remind me of
These things remind me of you

And the lyrics have been fixed too. I just found them somewhere. Blame the interweb.

Hope everyone has a good weekend.


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  1. April 8, 2006

    love love love the song!

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